Focus on Something

Too Much Stuff

Are you interested in too many things?

Do you find that the flow of articles into your reading lists is never-ending?

That's one way to guarantee that you will become overwhelmed.

What's causing this onslaught?

  • Letting folks on the internets dictate what you consume vs. you making that determination.
  • Allowing information to be pushed to you vs. you pulling the info when you need it.
  • Succumbing to the evil AI overlords, letting social algorithms and Outbrain push you around.

Pick a Few

Here's the plan:

  • Select five topics want to focus on ahead of time.
  • Review monthly. Change them up. Are you interested in a new topic? Add it. Just keep the total at five. Don't worry; you'll be revisiting next month.
  • When you come across an article that's not one of those five topics, please ignore it. Yes, I know it might be useful someday. Don't save it, don't bookmark it, move on.

Clear Benefits

You will start noticing your selected topics more - this is the frequency illusion phenomenon.

You'll be able to make stronger and clearer associations between ideas, and you will create a scaffolding that you'll be able to attached ideas to as you learn.

There is too much information.

There are so many exciting topics, but in pursuit of sanity, pick five, and focus on them for a bit.

You'll find that you can go a little deeper on these topics than you usually would, and you might jettison some chaos from your day.