Geekin' on Comics

My mom called to tell me she was selling the house I grew up in, and I had a minor panic attack.

It was not any sentimental attachment. I had been using it as free storage in the ten years since I graduated college.

All of the possessions that no longer fit my lifestyle or in my 400-square-foot walkup apartment in the West Village ended up in the basement.

Everything was to be donated or sold.

Everything, including 20 long boxes of comics.

Throughout high school, I would make a weekly pilgrimage to the comic book store two towns over.

Comic books stores in high-traffic malls with Funko figurines and T-shirts didn't exist.

These were dusty stores run by proprietors not quite as evolved as the Simpsons comic book guy.

Seeing Batman's latest issue or hunting down some key back issue for my collection was always a thrill.

I have two kids now, and neither reads comics, although we all are enjoying the new golden age of superhero movies and television shows.

After watching, we often catch some commentary from YouTube.

Geekin' with James Hancock is one of the most enjoyable.

James absorbs all of this culture and material. He is an excellent guide who provides an injection of energy and enthusiasm for the material that I once had back when I was digging through the back-issue boxes looking for that Incredible Hulk #328.

It's nice to experience a bit of that again.