One Metric to Rule Them All

My current productivity workflow is a Frankenstein collection of various systems that I've latched onto over the years. I've tried them all.

The one thing I found is that helps maximize my productivity is to focus on my energy.

When I work through my to-do list based on what will give me the most energy, I end up getting more done, and subjectively, my work is of higher quality.

That Nagging Feeling that You Can be Better

You know what to do; you've consumed and studied all of the tips, tricks, and hacks.

You should be able to be more productive.

So, why isn't your system cutting it?

Your Systems aren't Addressing Your Needs

You're feeling overwhelmed, not knowing where to get started, or worse, not wanting to tackle that all-important task you know you should do.

Maybe there is something lacking in your system.

You have read all of the conflicting advice that different systems offer, and this sends you on a never-ending quest to find the latest solution that might make you more productive.

Instead, your system becomes unwieldy and overly complicated.

Maximize Your Energy

The solution is to use the following metric: work on a task that will maximize your energy.

Maximizing your energy while working through your to-do list will help you create some momentum.

You start to find pockets of places where doing the tasks will create even more energy, which creates a snowball effect leading to ultra-productive days.